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My Story

I started my private chef service initially through helping friends who wanted to stop eating out all the time but needed help with home cooked meals.  To know I’m providing a meal for a family that will make them happy and save them time by doing something I love brings me a lot of joy!

While living abroad for a couple years, I became inspired by the incredible aromas, spices and sweets surrounding me. This tickled my sweet tooth and was the moment when I discovered my equal love for baking. I started baking Sweet Treats as a hobby, but during the Covid-19 pandemic it became a small business. As it has grown, so has my passion, skills, and excitement for creating custom Sweet Treats for any occasion.

I have knowledge and background in multiple cuisines and also love learning new cuisines! I follow and know all the health codes and regulations. I am an absolute clean freak in the kitchen and hold myself to the highest standards.


I respond best to email or my work number, and once someone becomes a client I will provide them my personal cell number for expediated communication and service. 


Chef Shay

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